William Quinlan named Leading Business Litigation Attorney of the Year, Illinois

By Staff | January 7, 2022

Originally Published in Acquisition International – Leading Adviser 2019.

When it comes to litigation, William Quinlan has seen it all. With a fine family history of legal experts behind him, it’s no surprise that he has managed to make The Quinlan Law Firm, LLC such a tremendous success. With a string of high-profile cases under his belt, most recently being Jussie Smollett, he has definitely earned the title of Leading Business Litigation Attorney of the Year, Illinois. We took a closer look to find out more.

The world of litigation is incredibly complex, but William Quinlan has not only the skill, but the expertise to bring something new and exciting to any case. With a strong background in the operations of government as well as the ability to design strategies that ensure a client achieves their business goals, there are very few finer. Working with Quinlan means that businesses and individuals can move forward as quickly as possible.

Quinlan received his J.D. from Georgetown Law School in 1995, serving as the Notes and Comments Editor of the Georgetown Immigration Law Review, as well as a member of the finance committee that was responsible for administering the school’s $44 million annual budget.

Quinlan spent his early years working within the government, serving as a member of the Appropriations Staff of Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan and as a staff member of the Ways and Means Committee of the United States Congress. Eventually he served as General Counsel of the State of Illinois, overseeing all legal matters within state agencies as well as approximately 300 attorneys who were under the auspices of the Governor. Prior to that, Quinlan was also an associate in the litigation department at Gardiner, Carton & Douglas, a 200-lawyer full-service firm in Chicago.

The rapid growth of The Quinlan Law Firm belies its humble beginnings in 2006. Now it serves a national practice, covering all aspects of litigation from the circuit to the appellate court. With offices in Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona and Silicon Valley, California, the business is able to serve clients across the country from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a wide variety of cases. It is a process that takes advantage of the fact that distance is no longer a barrier to top talent.

Quinlan recently took on the case of Twitch streamer ‘Phantoml0rd’. This particular case has brought a great deal of attention to Quinlan in Silicon Valley, and he has recently established an outpost there to court the interests of streamers and tech firms. This is another area where Quinlan and his firm excel, able to offer outside counsel to numerous corporations, as well as litigation counsel to both businesses and individuals. Covering every business need from employment matters to contract drafting and negotiation, it is knowing the best direction in which to take a case that elevates Quinlan and The Quinlan Law Firm above and beyond its competitors.

The driving force behind any decision is always a client’s ultimate business goals, with the processes specifically designed to ensure the best possible result for a client. Often, this approach means that litigation is not the best way forward, and one of the many skills which Quinlan has is that of altering the strategy to meet this ideal. Quinlan and his firm have represented clients in alternative dispute resolution matters and arbitration.

Litigation is a notoriously difficult skill and having an experienced attorney by your side who knows which way to take a case to achieve the result you want is critical. This is where Quinlan’s evident skill and ability pay off completely.

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